Friday, 16 September 2005

SPSA makes decision

For those following the SPSA saga who are not on the association’s mailing list: an update has been posted, indicating that the conference will meet in January in Atlanta at the Hotel Intercontinental in Buckhead.

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I am glad it’s in Atlanta. Saves me money (I can drive) and – with enough cab fare since the cool stuff is spread out – I like Atlanta.

John T. Edge is a cock. This must be said prior to the point I am about to make. A flaming, arrogant, self-absorbed, self-important cock who has deluded many into believing he is a genius food writer. Don’t take my word for it…get to know him…and you too shall be saying, “What a dick!” Want proof…start calling him “John” instead of “John T.” when you are talking to him and watch the balding head boil!

However…before he “made it” as a food writer, he self published the best guide to the coolest stuff in Atlanta called, “Belly of Atlanta.” I used to carry this in my pocket on trips to Atlanta…and I knew the city pretty well. Tells you where the BEST bars are.

It is old and out of print, so if you get a copy, double check the places you like against current business listings, but it is worth tracking down. Just try to get a used copy so that dick doesn’t get any money.

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