Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Fiddling while Rome floods, SPSA edition

Your SPSA non-update update of the day. Quoth the SPSA website, as of this posting:

On Monday, we expect to announce the signing of a contract with the new host of our January 2006 conference.

Perhaps SPSA is using a different value of “Monday” than the rest of us. I thought it was over nearly 17 hours ago, myself…


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[Permalink] 1. mungowitz wrote @ Thu, 15 Sep 2005, 5:27 pm CDT:

Dude: The President of the SPSA is Paula McClain.

She is right down the hall from you, in room 402.

Or, you could just hit her with a chair at the faculty meeting tomorrow.

As you know by now, the answer is “Atlanta.” You want to ride together? It will be a party….


Well, tell Paula to get on George’s butt about these things…

Mungowitz, Scott, and I in the same car going to Hotlanta? I can hardly wait!

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