Monday, 18 July 2005

Vote for the most annoying ESPN personality

I’m tempted to vote early and vote often in this elimination tournament. My money is on an overall victory by Stephen A. Smith, although Jim Gray may be the “Cinderella” of the tourney and all-around talent-free hack Stuart Scott is surely going to make a run deep into the bracket.

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Ya know, I never NEVER thought there was a sports “personality” who could displace Jim Rome as the all time idiot in my book. Then, Stephen A. Smith opened his big fat yap and walked right in.

Stuart Scott, despite his general white-bread “gansta” jargon that gets so annoying, is like little league compared to Smith. Even Berman pales before Smith. Heck, even the “every-time-i-open-my-mouth-i-show-how-little-i-know-about-sports” guys Paige and Bayless are speechless before the one-trick pony known as “Screamin” A. Smith.


Stuart Scott is the worst. Booyah!

[Permalink] 3. Chuck@ wrote @ Wed, 27 Jul 2005, 6:41 am CDT:

I couldn’‘t believe just how many ESPN personalities are extremely annoying when I actually thought about it. I think a top five list would be appropriate.

1) Chris Berman.

I simply have never liked him. I cannot stand people that think everyone loves them and everyone thinks they’re cool.

2) Stuart Scott.
Do I really need to explain?

3) Sean Salisbury.

Guy sucked as a player and sucks even more as an analyst. You’d think he rivaled Montana the way he portrays himself.

4) The “for the love of elevation” chick.

One thing to say to her. STFU!

5) Sceamin A. Smith.

Not as bad as most people think but is nowhere near as knowledgable as he thinks he is.

Honorable Mention: Joe Morgan

Has to call everyball ballgame as if he is the only one in the world that understands baseball. Condescending beyond words.

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