Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Choose life, just not if you're Catholic

Tom Traina notes some old-style anti-Catholic bigotry going on in my backyard: a “Christian” adoption agency is denying prospective Catholic adoptive parents carte blanche on the basis of a policy that is, on its face, not inconsistent with Catholic beliefs.

To their credit, Choose Life Mississippi is investigating the allegations, which may encourage Bethany to rectify its policy. On the downside, the national Bethany organization is apparently A-OK with local chapters deciding which denominations are “Christian enough.”

Does this mean I'm going to marry an alien chick?

Seen at Planet Debian:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I am John Sheridan, although I don’t have the thing for quoting Lincoln and Tennyson he has apparently. A related discussion is going on here; I’m sure Dan is very confused about who this “Zathras” character is, though.

Mr. Justice Roberts

Just in: the nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court is John G. Roberts, a member of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Orin Kerr, at least, is very impressed with the selection; I don’t know that much about Roberts myself, but he seems to have quite an impressive resume. Despite Kerr’s assessment that Roberts is respected by both Republicans and Democrats, Steven Taylor predicts a fight nonetheless.

Meanwhile, SayUncle is quite disappointed that Roberts doesn’t have a vagina—at least, none that we know of.

Longhorn faster than XP, claims M$

Microsoft claims that its upcoming Longhorn operating system will outperform Windows XP in a number of areas, including startup and application launch times. While XP’s boot times are not terrible, the area that really needs work is desktop login times; admittedly, most of the crap that slows down login is third-party junk (spyware and virus checkers, “quick launch” tools), but getting that stuff to start faster would be much more helpful than getting me to the login prompt more quickly.

þ: Ars Technica, who are also somewhat skeptical.

Appoint this

The Supreme Court nominee is going to be announced tonight by President Bush, according to various news outlets. I won’t bother repeating the speculation seen elsewhere, although I might have something substantive to say once the nominee is announced.

þ: OTB and many others.