Friday, 13 May 2005

Nickname Derby

I nearly busted a gut when Michael Wilbon suggested the name “Golden Whizzinators” on PTI Thursday for the embattled Marquette Gold. Classic, simply classic.

The stupid question in all this is why the Marquette folks can’t just go back to “Warriors” and design a modern, non-Indian mascot, like a white dude wielding an M-16 or something. I mean, it’s hard to divorce yourself from the confederate sympathy brigade with a name like “Rebels” (Colonel Reb or no Colonel Reb), but you’d think “Warriors” would be generic enough that if they changed the logo everyone’d go, “OK, it has nothing to do with Indians now.”


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[Permalink] 1. Alfred Sumrall wrote @ Sat, 14 May 2005, 5:44 pm CDT:

The Golden State Warriors have never incorporated an indian into their logo. I don’t think they did while in Philadelphia either. The NBA Warriors logo for the past few decades have been: (1) a streetcar; (2) a map of California in the middle of a circle that read Golden State Warriors; and (3) well, I don’t exactly know what the guy in their current logo is supposed to be, but he ain’t an Indian!


Yes, although Warrior doesn’t refer to any tribe or nation, Marquette has decided it does, and so it will always be defined along with redskin as meaning Native American. Sissies would always want to make words like warrior a slur, I suppose.

Here’s what I wrote both this month and in 1992 when the university begin its Golden Eagle folly, although we didn’t know then exactly what name that folly would take.

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