Friday, 22 November 2002

Python 2.3 goodness

A few interesting things in the next stable release, to whet your appetite:

for (i, x) in enumerate(['Zero', 'One', 'Two']):
   print i, x
from sets import Set
set1 = Set([2,4,6,8,10,12])
set2 = Set([3,6,9,12])
print set1 & set2 # S1 intersection S2
print set1 | set2 # S1 union S2
print set1 ^ set2 # Symmetric difference of S1 and S2

Also, some links for those of you interested in nested scopes (added as a 2.1 extension), long integer/integer unification (added in 2.2), and some new 2.3 features: the logging module (basically, a Pythonic syslog) and the integrated advanced option parser (formerly known as Optik).