Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Dinner, dessert, but no detox

Dinner with Dirk was at the MPSA-legendary Berghoff; I thought the meal was fine, but I’m not quite sure why people who come to Midwest rave about the place—I’ve eaten better elsewhere in the city.

Also today, I finally finished reading The Lady Tasting Tea; I may or may not have a review soon. I just started Empires of Light; I’m enjoying it so far, but I agree with the reviewers that complain about the author’s overuse of adjectives and flowery language.

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Trouble is that there’s such an embarassment of culinary riches in Chicago that one truly can’t sample all the great restaurants there (not in less than 4–6 weeks at any rate), so that the Berghoff gets a big boost from reputation alone.

Don’t know if the quality has improved or declined since I was last there (sometime in ‘82 while I was at Northwestern); I agree that there were better places in the city at that time. And it’s been a few years since I was last in Chicago, and I noticed then that there are a lot of places that weren’t there when I was a student (not that that would have mattered; I noticed from the prices that I probably couldn’t have afforded them when I was a student, anyway).

If you can get around the potential weight-management issues, Chicago would certainly be a wonderful place to be a food critic.

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