Monday, 13 September 2004

More Ironic Google Ads

Ed Brayton finds an amusingly ironic Google ad at the blog of my favorite anti-gay bigot.

Mr. Cramer has added a disclaimer to the top of his blog, so that no one will associate him with, you know, “those people.”

(Back in January, I blogged about another ironic Google ad.)


Any views expressed in these comments are solely those of their authors; they do not reflect the views of the authors of Signifying Nothing, unless attributed to one of us.

Now that’s priceless. And, of course, the more he complains about it, the more “gay ads” he’ll get served. Tee-hee!

Though, I have to say, the audience of in-denial gays that a blog like Cramer’s attracts is probably a key demographic for “gay recruiting,” so I’m sure they’ll get good click-thru ratios.


Near as I can tell, Google has a delicious sense of humor in serving up ads on Blogspot blogs. Right wing oriented ads on lefty blogs (and vice versa), religiously themed ads on atheist blogs, and atheistic/freethought ads on fundagelical Christian blogs.

Ya gotta love sponsored ads.

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