Monday, 19 January 2004

Delicious Irony

Keith Burgess-Jackson is upset with the banner ads that Ads By Google is serving up at the head of Animal Ethics.

Over the course of a couple of reloads, I’ve seen ads for “Jackson Hole Choice Meats,” “,” “Prime Beef,” “USDA Certified Steaks,” and “Kobe Beef from $29.99.”

It seems that Google’s keyword technology can tell what a site is about, but can’t tell you whether the site is for or against it.

Rather than letting it ruin his day, I think Keith should try to find the humor in it. After all, these companies are presumably paying by the impression, and they aren’t likely to get any sales from these ads.

Monday, 13 September 2004

More Ironic Google Ads

Ed Brayton finds an amusingly ironic Google ad at the blog of my favorite anti-gay bigot.

Mr. Cramer has added a disclaimer to the top of his blog, so that no one will associate him with, you know, “those people.”

(Back in January, I blogged about another ironic Google ad.)