Thursday, 8 July 2004

The benefits of not being pivotal

My advice to Dan Drezner: move to Mississippi (or Utah or Massachusetts), where your vote won’t matter anyway. (Of course, the cynic might say that the likely prospect of massive voting fraud in Chicago makes Dan’s vote not much more likely to make a difference.)

Having said that, casting even a meaningless directional vote for Michael Badnarik is going to be tough, for reasons explained by Jacob Levy* (via Will Baude), even though—if push comes to shove—I’m slightly more inclined to write in “Stephen Harper” (q.v.) or “Condi Rice” than vote for either Bush or Kerry in the event I don’t vote for Badnarik.

* Badnarik gives me the same “he’s going to get us all killed” feeling that Howard Dean did, discounted somewhat by the factor that at least Badnarik isn’t a few thousand Iowa caucus votes shy of having a decent shot at the White House.

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Individual votes don’t count in any state unless that state is in play. Illinois is a “safe” state for Kerry, so voter fraud or no, Dan’s vote isn’t going to make a difference. The only thing that was ever in play was the number of electoral votes Illinois would have in this decade. If Dan resided there in 2000 and admitted as much to the U.S. census, he’s already “voted” for Kerry in this election, and in all likelihood, for whatever Dem seeks the office in 2008.

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