Friday, 18 August 2006

I'm glad my artist friends are relatively well-adjusted

Ok, this is just weird, although I have to give the “artist” props for originality, even if it strikes me as some sort of bizarre attempt at borderline necrophilia-slash-bestiality.

Then again, maybe I don’t.

Rashomon, Israeli conflict edition

Matthew Shugart and David Bernstein read the exact same passage in Ha’aretz and come to pretty much diametrically opposite conclusions—Shugart, that the war was foolhardy; Bernstein, that the Israeli defense minister didn’t take Hezbollah’s missile arsenal seriously enough.

Granted, I tend to think Shugart is right (far) more often than Bernstein, but here I’m just bemused by the juxtaposition—and would be more likely to be concerned that the IDF didn’t take Hezbollah’s missile capability all that seriously.