Friday, 9 May 2003

Georgia's flag and southern politics

Samizdata is on a roll today, with posts on the evolution of Georgia’s state flag and the causes of the Civil War; both posts carry intelligent, rational discussions in the comments and are worth a read.

Rebs win, Rebs win!

It was a fun baseball game at Oxford-University Stadium/Swayze Field tonight as your Ole Miss Rebels defeated the Florida Gators 2-0. Ace freshman pitcher Stephen Head (3–1, 0.94 ERA, team-leading 0.360 BA), slightly hobbled by a leg injury, played as designated hitter (DH) and also closed out the final two innings for his 11th save. Head and starter T.J. Beam (7–1, 2.34 ERA) combined for a three-hit shutout with six walks and no errors, despite Beam looking pretty wild early.

I was sorely tempted to start a “We Want Head” chant in the sixth, but somehow I didn’t think the double-entendre would go over well with the crowd (or at least with little Ricky Santorum).

Incidentally, I wonder if pitchers are allowed to serve as the DH in the American League. I suspect not (since I’ve never heard of it happening, although that may be because most pitchers live below the Mendoza line), but I could be wrong. A question for the baseball experts in the blogroll, I suppose.

Joy discovers Knoppix

Joy has found Knoppix. And the really cool thing is that it’s all made possible by the best Linux distribution. But I would say that…

Unnamed? Hmmph. In all seriousness, though, I can certainly empathize with the problems with icky printer support in potato (Debian 2.2), and apt-get over dialup does suck (all your bandwidth, at least). Thankfully, between CUPS and Foomatic (the Debian packages of which I maintain), things are getting much nicer on the printing front—I think that’s what Mandrake uses under the hood, too. (I’m not sure how much of that is included in Knoppix. I also don't know what’s currently in the Debian printing task; I guess I should check…)

Oh, and as Bostonians would say, Knoppix is wicked cool.

New Mozilla Xft Firebird

You know the drill; it’s here. This is the first day in a while the build hasn’t had completely broken bookmarks. It looks very spiffy with some of the new Gtk2 SVG-based themes.