Thursday, 20 February 2003

“No Blood for Mount Doom”

Domenico Bettinelli passes on word that Middle Earthers have been holding a peace protest against the war on Mordor. (Link via Josh Chafetz @ OxBlog.)

SC road trip report

For the full details on my trip last weekend, see this misc.transport.road post.

More Jacko

Michael Jackson, who hasn't done anything of consequence in the past decade, continues to be the center of media attention this week — apparently, we're just 30 minutes away from another two hours of Jacko. At this rate, we could have a whole cable network devoted to rerunning footage from Jackson interviews.

More new stuff

I've now added support for the ThreadTrack feature in Janes' Blogosphere; the » links will show other blogs that are talking about the same links (hopefully!).