Wednesday, 19 February 2003

Back in the online life again

Apologies for the downtime today; has migrated to a new server.

The good news is that during the downtime I added an automatic ping to in LSblog's posting code, so now tools that leverage data from will see what's happening here. (The oft-promised public release of LSblog is still a little while off, though.)

Oxford getting more movies

According to the Daily Mississippian, Mid-South megaplex operator Malco has taken over the local movie theater (the ignorantly-punctuated “Cine’ 4”) and will turn the former Stage department store in the Oxford Mall into a new, modern eightplex.

Thursday's Oxford Eagle reports, in an article by Lucy Schultze (that won't stay online for more than a day, so I'm not going to bother with a link) that an additional ten screens are planned to be built by another developer at a new shopping center at Highway 7 and Sisk Avenue on the east side of town. The developer originally planned to work with Malco, but their purchase of the “Cine’ 4” (mercifully renamed “Cinema 4” on Malco's website) has apparently thrown a wrench into those plans.

Reading the fine print

Jacob Sullum @ Hit & Run notes that Congress is finally reading the fine print of the monstrosity known as the McCain-Feingold “Campaign Finance Reform” bill, and the results aren't pretty.

On a related note, the word of the day is schadenfreude. But then again, that's our word of the day every day...

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