Sunday, 8 December 2002

Late night updates

Virginia Postrel joins the Trent Lott career change supporters. Speaking of the illustrious former male cheerleader, Mark Kleiman notes that Howell Raines over at the NYT is AWOL; apparently he's too busy hectoring Tiger Woods about Augusta to pursue a real news story. (Mark's Ole Miss reference is a cheap shot. Then again, so is my cheerleader reference...)

Oh, in case it isn't clear what I think: Lott should go. Yesterday.

Landrieu wins in Louisiana by 40,000, probably a wider margin than expected; however, the 5th district race is basically a dead heat (Alexander is ahead by 518 votes, with 50.15 percent of the vote).

Virginia also lets us know she never really was a brunette; it must have been the lighting in the old photo. For those who've clicked through, there's more coverage on the front page.