Wednesday, 13 January 2010

QotD, deadweight loss of dead trees edition

John Sides on open access in political science:

Every political scientist should have a webpage where ungated copies of their papers and articles are available. Period.

(Alas, mine needs work in this regard, as most of my pubs aren't there in final form, but it will be better soon.)


Any views expressed in these comments are solely those of their authors; they do not reflect the views of the authors of Signifying Nothing, unless attributed to one of us.

I believe that any scientist who has received even one cent of taxpayer money should do the same.


Just out of curiosity – isn’t there a copyrights issue with that? Do all (or most) journals enable the authors to make their articles accessible?

(Just asking, I’ve never actually published anything yet, so I never looked into it. I’ll be glad to find out it’s not a problem).

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