Thursday, 24 April 2003

Blogroll enabled

The blogroll module in LSblog is now up-and-running, at least for display purposes—the table is in the database, and the update awareness (via is now working, but the admin interface stuff is going to take an hour or so more hacking. I’ll probably add the rest of the blogs I track via BlogMatrix in the next day or so, once I don’t have to manually INSERT them into the database from the psql prompt (so if your blog isn’t there yet, it may be coming in a day or so). In keeping with my effort to take advantage of CSS features, the styling for updated entries is done just in CSS—you can disable it in a user stylesheet if it’s particularly annoying to you.

By the way, the polling code will be in the LSblog 0.5 release under an MIT-style license; most of the infrastructure stuff that builds on external standards (TrackBack, the XML-RPC ping code, XML feeds, etc.) will eventually be licensed that way, with the GPL reserved for the frontend code (i.e. the stuff that generates the pages out of the database and the web-based admin code).

The backend code is complete, despite an hour-long power outage (whew!). Also, everyone who has blogrolled me (at least according to Technorati and the TTLB Blog Ecosystem) should be on the blogroll themselves now.

In case you’re curious, the blogroll order is determined by the last update of the blog (with the people who don’t ping at the bottom). It only gets notifications every hour (at 25 after, currently), since otherwise Dave Winer will kill me and/or my Winer number will be incremented.