Friday, 5 September 2008

He said obliquely

I learned today that two events for two subjects i I previously thought happened at time ti actually happened at time ti-3 (where time is measured in years). Suddenly my internal calendar seems way too leisurely.


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Say you had six years to do something, and three years into it there was a review of your progress at which you found out what you needed to improve (if anything) to accomplish your goal in year six. Then imagine that instead of finding out that useful information, you instead received notice that in a year you’d be unemployed despite a departmental recommendation to the contrary. And imagine this happened with two individuals of the dozen or so in your academic department.

Now imagine you’re Chris and you thought what actually happened was that there were four individuals were in the sixth year, instead of two being in the sixth and two in the third, and the two in the third got the bad news (while the two in the sixth accomplished their goals and lived happily ever after).

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