Wednesday, 16 April 2008

At some Uptown bar, George Shinn is weeping into his beer

The Hornets are stuck in their lease another year, suckers!

The Hornets on Tuesday night reached a goal that seemed impossible just three short months ago: pushing the team’s average attendance past the magic 14,735 opt-out number in the franchise’s lease agreement.

It came after the Hornets registered their sixth consecutive sellout and their 12th in the past 17 games as 17,388 fans saw the Hornets beat the Los Angeles Clippers 114–92 to win the franchise’s first division title, secure at least the No.2 seed in the upcoming playoffs and push their average attendance to 14,738 since Dec. 1.

But don’t worry, George, a year’s absence from the NBA will just make Seattle’s hearts grow fonder (and consequently your wallet fatter when you ditch town like we all know you will).


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Seattle won’t ever have a team. If they won’t build an arena for their beloved Sonics, why would they for a sleazebag like George S.?


That’s the question folks here should have asked too. Well, the sleazebag part… then again, George fits in the local milieu like a glove in that regard.


On the other hand, the Sonics aren’t moving. Yet. I fully expect Gov. Gregoire to throw herself in front of the moving van at the last possible moment.

Still, pissing off David Stern is not my idea of brilliant strategy.

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