Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Ron Paul, friend of freedom

Dr. No strikes another blow in the struggle for human liberty everywhere:

The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution Wednesday calling on China to end its crackdown on Tibet and release Tibetans imprisoned for “nonviolent” demonstrations.

The vote was 413–1. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who recently dropped out of the presidential race [sic], was the lone congressman voting against it.

The resolution passed just hours before runners were to carry the Olympic torch on a six-mile route around San Francisco Bay.

Would it kill the guy to even symbolically oppose repression beyond U.S. borders?


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You’re kidding right?! 1st off, he’s not out of the race. 2nd off, why should we be involved in entangling alliances. Why don’t we follow that simple advice of the founding fathers?
It’s symbolic to take a stand and not tell other nations what to do. And if they don’t listen, we don’t trade with them, and if they still don’t listen, we bomb them, then go in and police the streets in their country, then build their nation instead of our own.
And then we have oil that costs over $100/barrel with all of the inflation.
Paul from Clearwater


Who are we as a Country to dictate what other Countries can do? Are we Dictators or Deciders of the world? I say “NO”. Did the Iraqis ask for help from America, and ask that we take down their leader Saddam? Probably not, and that is why we are now in the 5th year of war, for what? Our country is broke, on the verge of an economical collapse, and we need to start taking care of our America, and stop crapping in other people’s sandboxes. We have put our country, and the American people in a bad position, and this craziness must come to an end, especially before we suffer from additional “Blowback, and unnecessary deaths of our Innocent military soldiers.” Ron Paul is the lone man of Integrity, and knows what needs to be done to save our country from collapsing. By the way, the man is gaining delegates, and is still in the running for President. Shame on CNN for saying otherwise, what idiots, same as all the other media neocons.


I admire and support the demonstrators as a private citizen (and perhaps as a member of some public organization), but it’s never been our government’s job to police the world. Our forefathers warned about this, along with sovereignty issues & our monetary system… we are losing our beloved country.

One must study the big picture to realize what’s going at this time in our country’s history. It’s very sad to watch. Ron Paul understands the dynamics of this and has been one of the very few speaking the truth for decades.

Stop spreading propaganda…
Ron Paul never dropped out of the presidential race. His courage to speak the truth in the face of opposition has awakened many. Really… aren’t we tired of admiring the emperor’s new clothes?


Wow. The Paul supporters can comment within the hour! I want to write a post that says “Ron Paul Sucks!” and see how long it takes the R3VOLUTION to fill my comment boxes and inbox with responses.

Maybe we could even make it a big experiment!

I agree with you, Doc.


…and here I thought the Ron Paul comboxers had gone on permanent hiatus. Thanks for the comedy, guys.

And if you’d DO your RESEARCH, Chris, and LOOK at the CONSTITUTION, like Dr. Paul has done, you’d know how right he was.


Sure, Ron Paul is really taking a grand symbolic stand by expressing his approval of China’s repression of its people. I wonder if he’d feel the same way if the people being brutally repressed were white.


Ok so it appears you don’t get out much or even trun on the news for that matter.

Why do I ask? Well, show us your proof that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race?

Chris, tell us why you think we should offer a symbolic gesture to oppose human rights?

After all it’s up to the people of each naiton to support or oppose there gov. We have no business saying anything about another nation other then ensuring our own freedoms and liberties. The men and women who serve our nation own it to the leaders of our nation to tend to our own business and make our nation great as it once was.

Chris, don’t you realize we are no longer number one but the EU surpassed our value last month?

Before you post a tag line get the story and facts straight.


You see that text in red? That’s a quote from the article. If you want to contest whether or not Ron Paul is still in the presidential contest, take it up with CNN, not me.

By the way, this is from Wonkette, and also in no way represents my opinions.

[Permalink] 9. Michael wrote @ Thu, 10 Apr 2008, 9:03 pm CDT:

If Ron Paul “recently dropped out of the presidential race,” then perhaps you’d care to explain why I heard three Ron Paul radio commercials on two different radio stations here in Pennsylvania on my way home from work today. Perhaps you’d care to tell me why 6 skids of Ron Paul supplies were shipped into Philly in recent weeks and were disbuributed across eastern Pennsylvania. Perhaps you’d care to tell me why my local Ron Paul Meetup group had its highest attendance this past Tuesday evening.

And while you’re at it, perhaps you’d care to explain why I saw the very first John McCain campaign sign in Pennsylvania’s 4th largest metrolpolitan area only last Saturday, whereas I’ve been seeing Ron Paul signs regularly, consistently, in the area since LAST JULY.

If Ron Paul dropped out, why the activity? And if John McCon (I mean McCain) is so popular, then why have I only seen one McCain sign and one McCain supporter in this city?

Is it any wonder that so many of us don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media? The reality we see around us is inconsistent with what MSM wants to tell us.



Judging by the comments so far, I guess the real question is whether there is anything Paul could do that is so asstastically stupid, and so far removed from the written Constitution the Paultards pretend to support, that the ‘tards would say “OK, I was with the guy up to this point, but now he went too far.” Apparently, the answer is no. If he double parks, he was taking a principled stand to defend the Constitution. If he allows his driver license to expire and goes on driving anyway, he was taking a principled stand to defend the Constitution. If he does stop driving, hires a cab and screams at a cabbie for not speeding on his behalf, he was taking a principled stand to defend the Constitution. If he gets out at the Washington Monument, drops trou and takes a dump in front of 100 tourists, he was taking a principled stand to defend the Constitution. If he does anything else, well, you get the drift.


Chris, I think Paul’s stance was perfectly consistent with the “US in WWII was a mistake/the South was right” fringe of the paleocon/libertarian movement. No surprises here.

P.S. ReCaptcha is still trying to make me crazy. It’s asking me to type “spokane” and “21.87 and 1/3.”


Oh, I wasn’t surprised; I was just using a bit of sunlight to make the roaches in the kitchen perfectly evident for those who hadn’t gotten the memo about the infestation.

As for ReCaptcha… that’s what the little reload button is for! ☺


Chris, that was my result after three reloads. ReCaptcha has been uploading unreadable text of late, much like Ron Paul fans ;-)

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