Wednesday, 30 January 2008

QotD, McCain Derangement Syndrome Edition

My blog-colleague James Joyner on the results of the Florida primary:

Conservatives ranging from Michelle Malkin to Robert Stacy McCain can’t believe [John McCain] beat Romney. Republican primary voters, apparently, figure an 82% conservative who sometimes takes positions seemingly designed to anger the base is preferable to a guy who was a Massachusetts liberal a few months ago but now says exactly what conservatives want to hear. Go figure.



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“82% conservative” is a bit misleading, given that part of the other 18% involves effectively repealing the First Friggin’ Amendment. Kind of like tallying up the number of acts in the play that Mary Todd Lincoln liked, vs. that one measly incident that followed.

[Permalink] 2. Neil Lawrence wrote @ Thu, 31 Jan 2008, 10:28 am CST:

I wonder how many other ‘conservatives’ cast their vote for McCain as a vote against the other choices we had. I decided I could live with the Senator even though I don’t agree with him fully on some issues. It was very interesting watching how the various counties broke down in their support of the various GOP candidates. The big surprise was the Cuban-American shift to McCain attributed to his stand on Hyspanic/Latino concerns (read illegal immigration.) Dad

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