Saturday, 24 November 2007

Back to square zero

Rick Cleveland 1, Ed Orgeron 0. I guess Boone and Khayat think they can turn things around faster with someone else running the show; I’m not that convinced, but maybe they’ve got an ace up their sleeves.

To me, the quasi-obvious candidate is Mike DuBose, who’s quietly turned around the Millsaps football program in what many people have perceived as a stepping-stone job back to I-A. If Mike Price had seen more consistent success at UTEP, he might be on the board as well.


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Now that I and others have gotten what we wished for hopefully Boone and Khayat won’t make us regret it. I think we can find a smart, young, up-and-coming guy like Kennedy was to our basketball program. It’s fun reading the message boards today, there’s optimism that wasn’t there yesterday or all season for that matter.

[Permalink] 2. Alfie Sumrall wrote @ Sun, 25 Nov 2007, 4:11 pm CST:

1. Houston Nutt
1a. Rick Neuheisel


Normally, I wouldn’t wish Mike Dubose on anyone but it actually makes sense. He’s a decent football coach plucked too early for too big a job at Alabama. Ole Miss, though, doesn’t have such unrealistic expectations.


James: You haven’t been around many Ole Miss fans. Most of them still think it’s the Vaught-Bryant era or 1968–70 when Archie was on campus. Or at least that it ought to be.


Heh. Well, that’s SEC football, I guess. Alabama fans still expect to win the national championship—or at least the SEC—every year.

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