Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The great anti-war hero

Well, if you thought Ron Paul truly believed in ending the “illegal war in Iraq” and going after the “war criminals” at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue… you thought wrong, since he’s one of the 167 House members who voted to drop fellow moonbat-courting presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment resolution against Dick Cheney into the memory hole. Maybe you can get your campaign contribution from Monday back, but somehow I doubt it.

More thoughts on the Cheney impeachment vote from Viking Pundit, who—like many others—focuses on the hypocrisy on the other side of the aisle. To quote the late, great Phil Hartman on NewsRadio: “A debate? How totally whack that would be, yo!”

Update: More on this theme from Prof. Karlson and Rick Moran.

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Could it be that the Cheney impeachment was just BS to begin with, something they shouldn’t be dealing with at the moment?

I like what I’ve seen in Ron Paul and have donated myself. He certainly doesn’t lean the way I do on a lot of issues but he seems to be the least corrupt of the bunch. Not a great way to pick our leaders, but to me that is what it has come down too.

Tell us more on why Ron Paul isn’t a good thing, I’d really like to hear what you have to say. You don’t read much against the guy since he’s still considered a fringe candidate and nobody wastes time attacking him.

And it’s funny, my CAPTCHA words are ‘increasing steal’.

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