Monday, 5 November 2007

Minor redesign

Readers visiting via the front page will have noticed a little bit of a redesign: I’ve integrated my Google Reader shared items into the right sidebar a bit better, and added my Twitter feed, as well as rearranging a few things, the end result of which is probably a bit more appealing to repeat visitors than the old layout. Overall, I think it’s an aesthetic improvement, but I could be wrong, and feedback is welcome.

I also changed the default fonts around a bit; if I get really bored, I may add downloadable font face support (as described here) for at least the free DejaVu Sans fallback fonts—I’m not going to draw Microsoft’s wrath by putting a copy of Calibri up on my website, although presumably many of my readers already have it one way or another. Not that downloadable fonts work in any of the common browsers yet anyway.