Sunday, 9 September 2007


You know, if someone had told me earlier in the week that Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis would run for 226 yards and Seth Adams would pass for 305 today, I’d probably have been happy. But zero execution in the red zone and missed conversions = a loss to Missouri. I’d have consoled myself with a Mississippi State loss to Tulane, but no such luck, despite the game being tied at 17 at the half. What’s even worse is I was sitting next to a kid, so I couldn’t even shout profanities at the State fans or the referees.

So instead I consoled myself by seeing Superbad. That did the trick.


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[Permalink] 1. Alfie Sumrall wrote @ Fri, 14 Sep 2007, 6:30 am CDT:

The more I think about the game, the more comfortable I am with it. We weren’t supposed to beat Missourah; they’re picked to either win or finish second in the Big XII North; we were a 5.5 point underdog at home; they beat us 34–7 last year with the same team, etc…

So knowing all that, to think we still put up ~530 yards of offense and had BJGE‘s first fumble at the 7 instead been a TD, we’re looking at a 32–31 Rebels victory, all else being equal.

That said, tomorrow is O’s first MUST WIN game. He really hasn’t had a true must win game yet. Until tomorrow. Vandy has the best receiver in the SEC. We (still) have the worst pass defense in the SEC. Fine. We don’t beat Earl Bennett in coverage; we beat him by putting so much pressure on the QB (whether it be Nickson or the other guy) that Bennett doesn’t even have a chance to make the big plays. I think our talent is better than Vandy’s at every other position.


Yep, the Rebels should win tomorrow. And Orgeron needs the Rebels to win tomorrow, since he really needs to be 2–2 (1–1) after the Florida game and not 1–3 (0–2)... and I don’t think anyone on the planet thinks we’re going to beat the Gators next week.

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