Sunday, 19 August 2007

debtorrent 0.1.4 is out

I’ve been trying out Cameron Dale’s debtorrent, a BitTorrent-based package distribution system for Debian packages, for the past few days, and while it’s been a bit rough around the edges it has worked quite well so far. Cameron has just made a new release which promises better performance all-around; I haven’t had a real opportunity to test the performance yet here, except I can say that apt-get update is markedly faster in this release.

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Thanks for the interest, Chris, and I’m glad you found an update to be faster with the new version. Just for the record, using debtorrent will never be as fast as a traditional HTTP download from a well-provisioned server, for obvious reasons. However, one of my goals is to make sure it is at least half as fast as traditional HTTP, and I’m happy to say that the most recent release exceeds that goal by using about 75% of my ADSL connection for multiple file downloads. Feel free to email me if you have any problems or suggestions. -Cameron

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