Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tea leaves

Odd that Google has switched from showing John McCain ads to now showing Barack Obama ads, while continuing to intersperse ads for Newt Gingrich’s weekly email or whatever. Perhaps the core demographic of my blog is “fans of members of Congress who will never be president.”


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Well, I am a fan of Dennis Kucinich, so there you go…

(though not sure if I count as part of your “core”)


Well, you’re the only person to have commented in the past week, so perhaps you are my only reader. ☺

[Permalink] 3. Alfie Sumrall wrote @ Thu, 26 Jul 2007, 6:56 am CDT:

1. Now it’s giving me ads for a book called “Mommy is a Democrat” and a link to where I can find my political science dream job. Ehh, I like those better than ads for McCain and Obama.

2. You didn’t post a whole lot while you were gone.

3. Your poster was very well laid out; I can see why you got nice comments on it.

4. I had attempted to comment on the post about the Mississippi democrats last week, but I couldn’t figure out what one of the Captchas said, so I couldn’t.


If you can’t figure out a captcha, you can always get it wrong and get a new one :)

(You can also click on the little icon with the arrows on it.)

[Permalink] 5. Alfie Sumrall wrote @ Thu, 26 Jul 2007, 12:28 pm CDT:

Me > Lazy

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