Saturday, 19 May 2007

The legacy of Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Those big brawls in the Taiwanese parliament? As fake as Jan Levinson’s new breasts.

þ: Battlepanda, who suspected it all along.


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Does it tell you how little I watch TV when I had to google “Jan Levinson” to find out who she was?

[Permalink] 2. Mike Al Basha wrote @ Tue, 12 Jun 2007, 12:08 pm CDT:

Did Mr.Mcmahon really did?Or it’s just a game from his games?Pls info me ASAP!


In real life: he’s not dead. In “storyline,” I neither know nor care whether or not he’s alive.

[Permalink] 4. Pete Bynum wrote @ Fri, 15 Jun 2007, 8:09 pm CDT:

All praise Vincent Kennedy McMahon for some of the best pause and resume camera work you will never see.

[Permalink] 5. Ira Valfer wrote @ Mon, 18 Jun 2007, 4:47 pm CDT:

How quickly the fans forget. A few years ago at Summerslam at the Meadowlands, WWE pulled the same exploding limo stunt with Undertaker. Only to have him re-appear at Wrestlemania 21 in the MSG with full resurrection regalia. Most of the time drastic story lines such as this are planned to hide injuries, or undetermined time off. (Does anyone believe that Paul Berrer died in the cement?) I think Vince wants to spend more time with his grand-children. He’s 62 and it’s time that he retired anyway.


hey yo he neva died because they recorded the scene a day before n that wasnt a real leg when it popped out of the car it was a wire controlled 1.. i think… if hes dead hes dead leave him alone n if he aint dead o well its his life


I gotta admit…...... people can be really stupid at times….... it’s obvious this is all just a publicity stunt to up the ratings of the show and in the process allow Vince McMahon to spend some time with his family. But hey…... who cares if it’s a publicity stunt…..... stop shedding tears and start to enjoy as the story unfolds…...... the WWE has finally managed to make wrestling interesting again.


I can’t believe how inconsiderate some of yall people are! I mean it’s no one else’s business if the man is dead or not. if he is it is a tragic loss to the whole wwe industry and his family. Everyone should just sit back and watch and see what happens next. If he died you should all be ashamed of urselves for making this website and crictizing this whole incident!

[Permalink] 9. Tony S. wrote @ Sat, 23 Jun 2007, 5:03 am CDT:

Some of u people are ungreatfull….. yea it might b a publicity stunt but u never know. even though we “hate” him although we dont we just do
b/c it the show no one likes him but im sure if some of u people
saw him in real life like i did Cena yall b all hey how u doin blah blah
blah…... Hey we all thought when Owen Heart died that was a publicity
stunt but look how that turned out

[Permalink] 10. grimhood wrote @ Sun, 24 Jun 2007, 9:42 pm CDT:

Vincent Kennedy McMahon…hmmm…he aint dead. He is alive..thats for sure. Faking your own death and you are a celebrity…what could be interesting and entertaining more than that.
Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a name that all in this generation and generations to come will always be remembered as the man who revolutionized sports entertainment to an extreme level of interactivity and audience participation that no one I guess could top that act.
This guys really got to our minds and nerves at most times by doing those things in-front of the camera. And now…fake his own death!!! ..I would not missed the end of it..and in that way me, you, him, man, woman, child and all those who love wrestling…will sleep better at night.

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