Monday, 23 April 2007

Accent problems

I spent several years of my life learning to pronounce a proper name like the locals did… but for the next 24 hours, to avoid sounding like a southerner (usually not a problem for me, except for the occasional “y’all”), I have to consciously pronounce the name the way northerners pronounce it—if only so people can understand the proper name I’m using.


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Yeah, well it wasn’t YOUR accent that the waitress in Chicago made fun of…in my defense, EVERYONE sound as southern as I did after that many Honker’s Ales.


Well, yeah, because when I get drunk I lose my southernisms and just babble incoherently.

You should’ve moderated your Honker’s intake with some 312—which I found on the shelf at Schnuck’s last week, I hasten to add.

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