Monday, 9 April 2007

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be a libertarian

So, I have this job interview… and the university in question decides to use a car service instead of having a department member shuttle me to/from the airport, which a perfectly rational decision on their part—and probably better for candidates’ sanity anyway, but nobody asked us what we think of being interrogated by a search committee member just minutes after enduring airline hell. But I digress.

Anyway, I arrive at the airport and get in the guy’s van, and I get to spend an hour listening to the guy’s treatise on the global monetary system (his issues with debasing the currency, fiat money, the whole nine yards). He drops me off and I go on my merry way. Same guy picks me up after the interview and, in the course of the airport journey, asks me if I’ve thought about 2008 and I try to steer the conversation to about the driest, most academic discussion of front-loading known to man. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work—and at this point, the driver tells me in no uncertain terms that the only candidate for 2008 who’s a “real American” is Ron Paul (his distinct lack of popularity—like the low prices of gold and silver the previous day—being attributed to The Man keeping him down).


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Dude, didn’t you know Ron Paul is the only Congressman who believes in the Constitution? I get reminded of that my commenters aplenty every time I rip on the guy, so it must be true.


Too bad they didn’t pick you up in a limo. You could have pulled the same move Spinal Tap did on their driver.


Xrlq: Good point, I must be amazingly ignorant.

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