Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Benchmarking schenchmarking

According to this table, the median 2006-07 academic year salary for a first-year political scientist was $50,207. I’m told the same researchers also found that every six-year-old girl in America got a pony at Christmas, just like she asked for.


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Then again, what usually matters, especially if you have somewhat flexible location preferences, is that you get a reasonable salary in real terms. And I’d be willing to make slightly less $$ if that’ll put me in a collegial/functional department.


Certainly cost of living and collegiality are factors to be considered. Of course, so is the volume of your student loan debt and the need to get out of the hole of three years’ unpaid moving expenses. Not to be autobiographical or anything.


It might help if they broke things down by the type of institution. I’m an ABD beginning my first t-t job in the fall and my starting salary is well above the average listed for associate professors. The cost of living is very reasonable also.


Must be nice! I know top R1s do pay quite a bit more than the median (heck, I got more than the median assistant in the table at Duke as a VAP).


Think about how nice it’ll be not having to move (at least for a while!) Congrats on your tt offer.

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