Thursday, 8 February 2007

Sleep is overrated

I should be in bed since I have an 8:45 flight tomorrow to Charlotte for the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference. In addition to seeing Michelle and a fellow Ole Miss grad at the conference, I’m being put up (with?) by Frequent Commenter Scott and his family during my stay, so I’m only out my airfare, the absurd $190 conference registration fee, and my rental car.

I’m particularly looking forward to hobnobbing with all the people who got the jobs I wanted this year. That’s going to be great fun.


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[Permalink] 1. Scott wrote @ Thu, 8 Feb 2007, 9:13 am CST:

Don’t worry:

The fact that this:

and this:

are within walking distance should help.

[Permalink] 2. Scott wrote @ Thu, 8 Feb 2007, 9:19 am CST:

BTW, you should plan to walk down to College and 7th for a visit here:

A definite must see for anyone who teaches Southern Politics. I require a class field trip when I teach my Southern Politics class.

[Permalink] 3. Occasional reader wrote @ Sun, 11 Feb 2007, 7:18 am CST:

You didn’t get any of the tt jobs you interviewed for? Sorry to hear that. I thought you had a very good shot at getting an offer at at least a couple of those places. Keep up the good work. Chances are next year (hell, maybe even next couple of months, as this ain’t over yet) things will be different.


I was more referring to the pre-Christmas jobs, of which there were a few that I really wanted but didn’t get any interest beyond phone calls (if that). I actually only know definitively about one job I interviewed for—two if you count SLU—and at least it wasn’t TT.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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