Friday, 8 December 2006

Sudden burst of popularity

After a three-month drought, I have now three phone interviews scheduled for two days next week. I have no clue what this means, but I guess it’s good.


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Even if they offered you the job if candidate 1 turns it down, I would make them wait.

This is more proof of why we, in the Business school say, SLU Arts & Sciences, would you like fries with that?

God forbid SLU students learn practical political science, such as (gasp) statistics!

They probably picked the other guy to perpetuate their curriculum of unpreparedness for anything but graduate school….



Forgot to add this:

My Uncle, Donald C. Swift, a political scientist of sorts, but more so a history professor who loves religion’s effect on politics, said this to my mother in an email, when my mom told him about the paper I was writing.

“Glad to see Jimmy is doing statistical work. Hope he goes to law school. But if he goes to graduate school in Political Science, I hope he does statistics in lieu of one of the languages.

This old man (me) still believes that non-parametric statistics will come back some day in the social sciences. Right now they are not in vogue, even in economics as our niece Nikki told us. I believe they will come back, and that those with mainly normative training will be cracking the books on their own to catch up.”


In fairness, I think the other guy will also be teaching some statistics. Assuming he takes the offer, which is by no means certain (unlike all the other candidates, he apparently has choices at the moment beyond the unemployment line).


He doesn’t have other offers at this point, but he does currently have a tenure-track job which he is trying to leave…if that is what you mean.


Right, that’s what I mean. Staying at his current institution is an option that the other candidates (including myself) don’t have.

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