Thursday, 16 November 2006

Don't blame me, I voted for Rick Whitlow

The short mayoral career of Jackson (Miss.) sheriff mayor Frank Melton looks to be close to its end. I can’t say I was a huge fan of his predecessor either, but Melton’s level of wackiness in office has been largely criminal and borderline comical—particularly since I no longer live in the city, so I can laugh derisively from a safe distance.

I’d say that I owe Donna Ladd and the folks over at the Jackson Free Press an apology and some credit for their foresight, but given the lengthy email tirade exchange we had last year over one word in a conference paper I wrote I’m not all that inclined to give either, despite the fact that a few really good students I taught at Millsaps did and presumably still do good work for the JFP.

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Excuse me for prying, but I find the idea of a newspaper-professor “exchange” over something in a conference paper intriguing in an odd sort of way. Or odd in an intriguing sort of way. Would you care to share what happened?


In a nutshell, Ms. Ladd objected to my characterization of her publication’s level of support for Harvey Johnson (the incumbent who lost in the Democratic primary to Melton), which in and of itself was fine, but then she proceeded to repeatedly demand that I distribute a correction to everyone who had read the paper, a demand that was both impractical and unreasonable. Not a high point in the history of alt-newsweekly journalism.


That /is/ strange. Thanks for sharing.

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