Monday, 13 November 2006

A good distraction from grading exams

I have to say this is clever: a map of the motorway system of Great Britain in the style of a London Underground map (a map that, incidentally, the good folks at Metrolink might learn a few things from).

þ: TransportBlog.


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Pretty cool. You still couldn’t pay me to drive over there. The Motorways are nuts, but winding, 1.5 car-width roads full of blind curves that you must traverse to get everywhere else are downright terrifying.

If I head to Bath for that conference in April, I’m taking out extra life insurance!


At least you can fly into Bristol (I think), saving yourself much of the mortal terror.


Nope…cost. Four tickets ain’t cheap! We MAY (I checked a month ago) be able to fly into London from Charlotte for under $600 a person, but only if we stop in Pittsburgh and fly into Gatwick.

Any hints on finding uber-cheap direct flights from Charlotte ware EXTREMELY welcome.

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