Monday, 14 August 2006

Anticipatory Rejection

JMPP explains why she won’t be dating you—yes, you. Me, I know I’m quality… heck, my mom says so, and whose mom would lie to their kid?

Sorta-kinda credit to Amber Taylor, although I saw it in Google Reader before she mentioned it.

Update via Amber’s comments: If you know your SAT or GRE score, find out if you are worthy of JMPP here (broken in Safari, use Firefox instead). Fun for the whole family!


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[Permalink] 1. no name wrote @ Sat, 19 Aug 2006, 6:22 pm CDT:

OK, I’m not using my regular internet name because I don’t blog anonymously and for professional reasons I don’t want to be slagging former students on the internets. But let me just say that if you think reading that was bad, try to imagine having her as a student for 10 weeks. Wow. This little internet discovery gives the world a small taste of what I went through.


I have to say my own attitude was pretty much at the “bemused” end of the spectrum of reactions.

But then again, as any reader who knows me in person can attest, I have a massive ego (although I spend a little less time advertising it in public), so I can’t really fault JMPP for the size of hers.

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