Saturday, 12 August 2006

Annoyances of the day

A couple of noteworthy blemishes on my otherwise pleasant day thus far:

  • What logical reason could exist for using a different lock (which my key doesn’t open) on the door to a building facing the street when I can walk (but really wouldn’t want to while carrying a 50-pound box of books) through a breezeway and unlock the door facing a giant open space in 30 seconds?
  • People who get in line at Sam’s Club with memberships they know are expired to try to put something over on the cashier are, in a word, irritating.

I can’t say my day has been that productive, but I did unpack a few boxes of books in my office, flip through the (limited) amount of information I received about my advisees, and start to get the computer in my office pointed in the direction of being functional.

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We shop at the new Sam’s on Hanley, too!

As a matter of fact, while they were constructing it two years ago or so, I worked across the street at Tripos.

You’re on my turf now, mister.

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