Monday, 24 July 2006

Ole Miss MA, PhD programs targeted by IHL

The Mississippi state college board put 37 degree programs at state universities on probation last Wednesday, including all three master’s programs in political science in the state and the sole PhD program:

“We’re giving them three years to get back on track,” said Bill Smith, the state’s acting commissioner of academic and student affairs. “We’re not out to just shut them down.”

The state College Board on Wednesday placed 37 programs on probation, and eliminated two, that were not graduating enough students.

Every university in the state except Mississippi University for Women had programs on the list.

Smith said the board adopted standards several years ago mandating a certain number of graduates over six years: 30 for bachelor’s, 18 for master’s and nine for doctoral programs. ...

Smith said elimination is not automatic for programs that do not up their number of graduates.

Some, he said, such as Delta State’s political science program, are key to undergraduate programs and cannot be eliminated.

Others, he said, are vital to Mississippi, no matter how few graduates they produce.

The graduate counts they present might even be a little on the generous side (my count is 5 or 6 PhDs, although I may be missing an IR person or two), but I’ll trust IHL‘s accounting over my vague recollections in this instance.


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[Permalink] 1. Alfie Sumrall wrote @ Mon, 24 Jul 2006, 8:28 am CDT:

I’m one of those 12 MAs, so I’ve done my part.

I think the 7 PhDs since 2000 is pretty much on: you, Kim, Scott, Chris M., Tim Russell, Brooke, the older guy in IR that I only saw like once.


There are two ways of viewing this. a) We need fewer Ph.D. programs, so the weaker institutions with few resources cutting low ranking programs is not such a bad thing b) Schools such as Harvard should have smaller classes so the quality students “trickle down”

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