Friday, 21 July 2006

The merger will be blogged

There’s something vaguely cool (in a dorky way) about the decision by the cities of Clayton and Richmond Heights to use a blog as the public face of their study exploring a possible merger between the two municipalities, even if my mostly-regressive civics teacher gene would like to see more comments by residents.

If nothing else, I learned from the maps that most (but not all) of the Washington University campus is an unincorporated area of land in St. Louis County wedged between University City, Clayton, and the city of St. Louis. Not sure when knowing that might come in handy, but you never know…


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Someone has explained to you how St. Louis city is not in St. Louis County, how that came about, and how dim the prospects are for the reunion, no matter how happily the city and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch would take the county back?

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