Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Apartment found

I think I found an apartment today; the price is a little more than I wanted to pay, but after spending a year underpaying for an apartment in Durham I suppose it all evens out. And I get a garage, storage space, dishwasher, disposal, breakfast nook, ceiling fans in the bedrooms, and cable outlets in the living room and bedrooms… all of which are upgrades from my existing apartment. And it's like a stone’s throw from the Galleria, where Brian seems to think I need to hang out. (Actually, I got some cheap T-shirts there at Champs Sports, but somehow I think Brian was referring to the Apple Store.)

Now if I could just figure out if it’s in Clayton, Richmond Heights, or Ladue, so I know which division of The Man to tithe to, I’ll be set.

The only real down side (other than the rent) is that MoDOT is planning on spending the next 3 years destroying the freeway between my apartment and work. But that’s what MetroLink is for, right?


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[Permalink] 1. Len Cleavelin wrote @ Thu, 29 Jun 2006, 1:16 pm CDT:
The only real down side (other than the rent) is that MoDOT is planning on spending the next 3 years destroying the freeway between my apartment and work.

I suppose you have the advantage of not having lived in St. Louis, so you won’t know what you’re missing (at least you won’t have gotten used to the relative ease of the I-64/US 40 commute). As someone who lived in STL for forty-someodd years, and who is intimately familiar with traffic flow in the metro area, I simply can’t wrap my mind around the enormity of this project, and how seriously it’s going to torque off most St. Louisans.

I suspect the next 3 years (more if it runs over schedule, which is a distinct possibility) will be a gut-wrenching nightmare for most St. Louisans.

Ok. The Galleria is, IIRC at the intersection of Clayton Road and Brentwood Boulevard. As for where you are, my guess would be:

If you’re north of Clayton Road and east of Brentwood Blvd, you’re in Clayton.

If you’re south of Clayton Road and east of Brentwood Blvd., you’re in Richmond Heights (which is where I was born, BTW).

If you’re south of Clayton Road and west of Brentwood Blvd. you’re probably in Brentwood.

And if you’re north of Clayton Road and west of Brentwood Blvd…. It depends—I think Clayton sloshes over a little west of Brentwood Blvd., but not that much; the farther west you are in that quadrant the more likely it is that you’re in Ladue.

If you really desperately want to know, you can shoot me your address via email and I’ll give you a more educated guess, but I’d wager someone in St. Louis County Government would be able to tell you exactly.


He’s got no problem. He can run down Clayton to Skinker to Lindell and bam, he’s there. Or he can hop on the Forest Park Parkway.

It will be a wash, though, if Richmond Heights and Clayton merge like they think they will.

We’re in Webster Groves, just down Brentwood Boulevard. Remarkably close to everything now, considering we lived up in Maryland Heights until this spring—and that’s out of the way of everything, it seems.


My Wunnenberg’s has my apartment in Clayton, at least if I’m reading the map correctly (north of Clayton Rd, west of Brentwood Blvd, in the Clayshire neighborhood). It’s definitely in zip code 63105, which corresponds more-or-less to the Clayton boundaries according to the map.

It looks like the easiest way to SLU by car is either (a) Brentwood to I-64 to Grand or (b) Brentwood or I-170 to Forest Park Pkwy to Grand. I’ll probably try Metrolink when it opens but I’m not wedded to using it.


First thing’s first, Chris; there is no I-64 in St. Louis. It’s Highway 40.

You’re right about those being the best options until the highway department shuts it down. After that, it will take a while to figure out how traffic patterns will adjust to determine what’s the second best alternative.

Clayton, huh? That’s very tony.

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