Saturday, 29 April 2006


Duke student Allison Clarke and I had some brief correspondence earlier this week (I think—time is starting to blur for me), an outgrowth of which is this post [link corrected -ed]. I don’t know that we disagree as much as she thinks we do—perhaps the reputation of my commenters is rubbing off on me—but either way it’s a thoughtful commentary that is worth your time.

Incidentally, congratulations to Allison and her fellow seniors on the happy event of their upcoming graduation; much to my disappointment (in part because I am missing out on my last chance to break out the regalia at Duke), I will be unable to attend the festivities for family reasons, so I suppose this is as close to a public demonstration of my felicitations as I will get.


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Nah, we don’t disagree so much. It’s just that after years of relative blog-obscurity with the occasional thread breaking down into incivility, I’m still relishing the feeling of being able to disagree on certain points but maintain mutual respect. Unheard of! So maybe I exaggerated a bit. I’ll redact it.

Thank you for the congrats. :)


The link doesn’t work.


Mmm, yeah, my bad. I changed the post title. You can click on my name to get redirected through to the page.

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