Friday, 7 April 2006

Duke Lacrosse Investigation

If you’re new to the blog, all of the posts related to the Duke lacrosse investigation are here. Please also read below the fold for a few groundrules.

I recommend the CourtTV discussion board for this case if you want to discuss the intricacies of the evidence.

I hate to make rules, but here’s a new explicit one: comments including (or linking to) the names of lacrosse players other than those identified in the press (and “identified” doesn’t include the “wanted” poster or accounts of lacrosse games from before March 13th), or of the alleged victim or her companion, will be redacted to remove the names.

Repeat offenders may find themselves banned.

Please also use a single name or pseudonym when commenting; the “name” part of the post is not to be used for subjects.

Otherwise, the standard rules—including keeping the discussion civil, and not spamming multiple comment threads with the same comments—apply. We thank you for your cooperation and your liberal patronage, and return you to our regularly-scheduled program.