Monday, 20 March 2006

The collapse of the probability function

Bryan of Arguing with Signposts today is wrestling with rejection letters. Been there, done that. Got another one of those today, in fact. I have no real advice, besides taking the same approach to the job market a prostitute takes towards her clients—no matter how good you are, in the end you’re going to get screwed.

I’ve managed to parlay my offer into exactly bupkiss thus far (beyond a few congratulatory emails), which is probably a sign I should take it. At this point, I’m about two loose ends away from doing so.


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Thanks for the advice. This is only my second time out looking for academic jobs. It’s a strangely different world than the professional job market.


Well, it wasn’t the best advice in the world ☺

But there’s something to be said for not getting overly emotionally invested in a job before you have it. When I write my magnum opus on looking for jobs for PS, I think that will be a centerpiece of the article.

Incidentally, the investment issue is a reason I’d rather not go somewhere and be an internal candidate for a more permanent position. I’m sorely tempted to make it a condition of my employment that I not be considered for the tenure-track job.

[Permalink] 3. jenjehay wrote @ Mon, 20 Mar 2006, 7:15 pm CST:

A prostitute, huh?


Well, I like to think of myself more as a mercenary methodologist. It’s kinda like the Foreign Legion, except you don’t have to take orders from French people.

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