Thursday, 2 March 2006

I've been mini-ized

Meet the new addition to the Lawrence household, an Intel Mac mini (1.66 GHz Core Duo, 512MB RAM and 80GB hard drive):

Mac mini, installed

See all of the photos here.

Thus far, it’s been pretty spiffy. I can’t really sit all the way across the room and use it, except when in Front Row, and I’m still getting used to the slightly different key shortcuts for things with the Belkin MediaPilot wireless keyboard/thumbmouse I bought to go with it, but those aren’t problems with the computer per se. I haven’t sat down and done much Unixy stuff with it yet; all I have really done is a brief foray into Terminal to copy a file from my work machine to email to someone this evening, during which I found that the backspace keybinding acts funny in ssh sessions to my Debian boxes (undoubtably a simple setting I’ll have to Google for later on).

Anyway… back to watching NewsRadio Season 3…


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Is this the box that SN now resides on? I think you’ll like the Mac OS when you familiarize yourself with it. Easy to use with Unix stability. The interface alone isn’t likely to satisfy a geek like yourself, though.


No, I haven’t transitioned the blog over yet; I’m still fighting with building and installing Apache, PostgreSQL and mod_python with Fink (damn the lack of precompiled binaries!).


Wow, I didn’t realized the new Newsradio DVD came out until you mentioned it. This after I checked Amazon every month for two years for the release date of the first two seasons…

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