Monday, 9 January 2006

Trapper on BSG

Trapper of the Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Blog shares his thoughts about the new BSG episode that aired Friday night (while I was, alas, stuck watching college basketball in my hotel room after stuffing myself beyond all reason at Maggiano’s in Buckhead for want of the Sci-Fi Channel). Last night, after having seen it on TiVo delay myself, I was struck by how much more compelling it was than its Sci-Fi Friday companions. And I was also cursing Ron Moore for making me wait until this Friday to see it all resolved!

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[Permalink] 1. Aragorn wrote @ Mon, 9 Jan 2006, 2:19 pm CST:

We’re all cursing his name for making us wait. If I were to meet him on the street, I’m not sure if I would prostrate before him, or kneecap him. Probably both.

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