Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Hotlanta (literally)

I’m safe and sound in the Hotel Intercontinental Buckhead, which may be the first conference hotel I’ve ever been at that’s actually worth what I’m paying for the room (you’re paying for the lobby at the Palmer House in Chicago; the rooms aren’t anything special).

As is the nature of the small universe that political scientists inhabit, the first person I saw in the lobby, other than the receptionist, was Bill Jacoby.

Now I’ll be incommunicado while watching the Rose Bowl. If it’s anything like the other BCS games have been, this will be a real barnburner.


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I’m paying half but I’m staying about 8 miles down the road. See you tomorrow morning.


Well, I’m paying half for most of the weekend (I’m stuck doing things through Saturday afternoon), though I have to put up with Frequent Commenter Scott as a roommate starting tomorrow.

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