Wednesday, 14 December 2005

It's 27 fricking degrees out, and I am cold

See, I knew there was an upside to not getting the job in Frozen Tundra country, it just took me a month to realize it. The concept that there’s a temperature below which it is too cold to snow, and that people in Wisconsin have empirical evidence of this fact, is truly frightening to me.


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27? Fahrenheit?

It gets that cold here for a few hours every year. I feel your pain.


In late January of my first winter in Chicago, I was ecstatic to hear that the next week’s highs would be in the mid- to low-20s. I don’t remember if it every got as piping hot as 27, though.


There are two sides to that. When I first moved to Mississippi (in late July / early August 1994) from the Virginia mountains, I thought I was going to physically melt…I enjoyed wearing shorts all winter, though.

After a few years of getting tougher to the heat and more of a wuss to the cold…the SC winter is now freezing the ol’ doo-dads!


If you can’t stand the heat….Well….

Actually, in Wisconsin, on the first forty degree day in spring, you see the shorts come out on college campuses. Particularly after cold winters.

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