Tuesday, 29 November 2005

No longer offer'd

For those unable to read between the lines of my recent posts or comments, I’ve declined the offer. I won’t be publicly identifying the university in question, but let me say that I was treated well by them and my decision is in no way a reflection on the fine folks there—rather, in the end it boiled down to a question of whether or not it would be fair (to either party) for me to take a tenure-track position knowing in my heart-of-hearts that I wasn’t planning to stay.

I believe I’m still in a good position to secure a tenure-track job that is more compatible with my interests as a teacher and a scholar, and I have been assured I have a fall-back position here at Duke for the next academic year, should it become necessary. So… back to the salt mines (or at least Emacs).


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[Permalink] 1. Michelle wrote @ Wed, 30 Nov 2005, 2:35 pm CST:

Sounds like you’ve made a good, though tough, decision, given the circumstances.

Looking forward to meeting in person on your holiday trip through the Southeast. Will have to look again at the SPSA schedule to figure out when, exactly, we can grab a beer or coffee, depending on the hour.


Well, I’m stuck in Atlanta for the whole conference (the joys of Thursday am and Saturday pm panels), so I’m sure there’ll be time somewhere in there.


Who could root for the Rams anyway?


Well, I was probably going to stay a Colts fan either way. But being part of Packer Nation might have had some appeal.

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