Monday, 26 September 2005

The perfect shill

Hei Lun of Begging to Differ was equally unimpressed with the hidden quid pro quo connected to the free passes to see Serenity. Quoth Hei Lun:

I’m not saying that I’m highly principled and not-for-sale at any price, but it’d sure take more than $9.75 for someone to tell me what to write on this blog.

It’s not quite $9.75 in this neck of the woods (Southpoint, which I assume is the most expensive place in Durham, is $8.25 after 6 p.m., and $6.25 before 6), but, yeah, my price is a bit higher than that too. Plus I really didn’t want to drive to Raleigh during rush hour tomorrow afternoon…

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I took them up on the offer, but phrased my intro to the stuff they wanted quoted in a way that made it clear what was up. I was nearly certain I would like the movie anyway (and I did), so it didn’t bother me. If it was something I was completely unfamiliar with, or had reservations about, that might have been different. I had a great time. Fair trade for me.

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