Thursday, 22 September 2005

Emory, Wash U go to war

I have to say, this is pretty funny, although the logic of establishing a rivalry with a school that isn’t even in the same time zone is lost on me. Rivalries generally thrive on casual interaction; a rivalry that involves setting out on a cross-country trek doesn’t seem likely to succeed in the long run.

In other words, maybe Emory should have gone for something easier… like battling Furman.

þ: Jeff Harrell, who has more.

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Meanwhile, Washington students found graffiti on the side of a major walkway near the main campus, declaring “Wash U Girls Are Ugly” and “George Washington Is Dead.”

Hmmmmm… I’m a Washington University alumnus, and I’m pretty sure that I know which walkway they’re talking about here. Far from this being vandalism, the walkway in question is the campus graffiti wall, and it’s a hallowed Wash U. tradition to paint it over every year so that a fresh set of graffiti can be emblazoned thereon (when I was there, the accumulated layers of paint amounted to about a 1/8 or so inch thickness)..

And unless things have changed drastically at Wash U. since I’ve been there, “Wash U Girls Are Ugly” and “George Washington is Dead” aren’t insults or fighting words, they’re simple statements of fact (in fact, “Wash U Girls Are Ugly” is downright complimentary compared to the insults heaped on the heads of Wash U women by Wash U men when I was there. When I was in attendance there, the official campus joke was: “Q. What’s the difference between a Wash U coed and trash? A. Trash gets taken out.”).

I’m glad to see that the Wash U students aren’t so terribly bored that they’re playing along with this (there’s a lot to do to amuse oneself in the STL area). What surprises me is that I’ve been to Atlanta, and think it’s a great city; surely Emory students can find better things to do with their time and energy.

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